Full Mouth Reconstruction

Like other parts of the body, the mouth is comprised of multiple facets that work in tandem with each other. Normal functions like eating, drinking, and speaking use several parts of the mouth.
When Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP recommends full mouth reconstruction, the aim is to restore the working harmony of gums, teeth, bone, and connective tissues. Some of the problems that we have fixed with our full mouth reconstructions include:

  • Excessive tooth decay found throughout the mouth
  • Aging and/or failing dental work
  • Overbite, Underbite, TMJ pains, mild facial collapse
  • One or more missing teeth

Before commencing with the treatment, Dr. Conrow thoroughly examines each patient’s unique dental anatomy. The combination of these exams allows us to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment plan.

Reasons For Getting A Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes a full mouth reconstruction is the only way to restore your dental health quickly. If you have several missing teeth, you may have teeth that are migrating. Such migration leads to a multitude of problems such as gum erosion and teeth crowding

Another rationale for this dental strategy is if you have older dental in the form of crowns , veneers , fillings or other dental appliances. If so, it is likely that the dental work is antiquated and not in step with advanced dentistry. For instance:

  • Old mercury-laced fillings have been replaced with composite (tooth-colored) fillings
  • Older implants are now supplanted by stronger materials that mimic natural better
  • Dental standards and methods have changed making these procedures less time-
    consuming and more effective

A full mouth reconstruction also provides an opportunity to properly adjust your teeth’s biting position. Typically, this type of dentistry is not available during tooth-by-tooth procedures.

Types of Reconstruction Treatment

Full mouth reconstructions are planned according to the needs of your oral health and your desired look. Hence, there are several types of reconstructions. Some reconstructions will take longer than others due to the procedures required. Some of the styles of full mouth reconstructions include:

  • Bite & Jaw Repositioning
  • Face Lift Dentistry
  • Reconstruction & Implants
  • Mild Profile Enhancement
  • Non-Invasive Reconstruction

The benefits of a full mouth reconstruction are unique. Although, the procedure has existed for decades; it has continually improved with the advent of new dental technologies.

Craig Coonrow DDS MS FACP has incorporated the latest dental strategies of full mouth reconstructions for the benefit of all his patients. Would you like to have a consultation to improve your oral health with a full mouth reconstruction? We invite you to contact us at 760- 389-5323.
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