Glaring Signs That You May Need Dentures

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from optimism bias concerning their teeth.  Do you?  Optimism bias leads an individual into the faulty thinking that they “a lesser risk of experiencing a negative event compared to others.”  Working in the field of restorative dentistry, we observe and treat patients who are…let’s just say very optimistic in nature.

Craig W. Conrow DDS MS FACP continues to educate patients on the best strategies to avoid dentures.  However, in some instances, perhaps by genetics or trauma dentures (or dental implants) or unavoidable.  In most occasions though, dentures can be avoided.  Were you aware that some indicators that you may need dentures have nothing to do with pain?  Below are some of the soft indicators that you may have a denture need.

Loss or Shifting Teeth

Tooth loss should never be treated lightly.  When cared for properly, your natural teeth can last the entirety of your life.  Sometimes when back teeth are lost, there is a propensity to think everything is okay since your smile is not affected.  Nevertheless, fewer teeth lead to over working other teeth.  It also results in teeth shifting which:

  • Causes gum and inner-cheek irritation
  • Widens gaps exposing gums to damage
  • Deteriorates jaw bone

It is possible to go years without having any significant pain after a loss of a tooth.

Difficulty Eating & Chewing

If you are experiencing problems chewing normally as you eat, do not disregard the problem.  It will only get worse.  Often there are additional oral health issues that may be occurring.  Chewing problems can eventually lead to any of the results covered under “Loss or Shifting Teeth.”

Are you suffering from any of the above oral problems?  If so, make an appointment with us so that we can help you determine the best treatment options.  Craig W. Conrow DDS MS FACP is and an affiliate of the California Dental Association and the Tri-County Dental Society.  (760) 389-5323.