Prosthodontic Dental Specialities

If you are facing dental problems that require restoration or replacement of your teeth, it is best to visit a prosthodontist.  This may seem self-serving, being that our practice is headed by Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP a leading prosthodontist in Palm Desert.  Nevertheless, a closer look at the profession and specialties of prosthodontists could change how you view your next dental visit.

Why Prosthodontists Are Restorative Experts

Were you aware that when general dentist come across complicated restorative dental treatments, they often consult a prosthodontist?  In some cases, they even refer the patient to a prosthodontist.  The reason?  Prosthodontists complete three years of additional education and go through Rigorous real-world treatment training to become board certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics.  This training gives them deeper insights into how to approach restorative dentistry in safer and effective ways.

Cracked, Damage, & Decayed Teeth? No Problem!

Dr. Conrow DDS MS FACP helps patients who are suffered from cracked, damaged, or decayed teeth regularly.  Our practice can address cracked and damaged teeth with dental crowns.  Although all dentists can technically place a crown, few can do like Dr. Conrow.  Great restorative dentistry involving crowns takes into consideration the art and science of the procedure.  For example, specialists note the details like the crown’s balance, shape, color, and translucence all of which play a role in its functionality in the patient’s mouth.

World Class Veneers

Our dental office provides the gold standard of cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Conrow holds that cosmetic dental procedures should not only look good, but they should also be durable, functional, and safe.  To accomplish this, we combine modern technologies with advanced dental techniques.  As an example, we make extremely precise measurements when placing porcelain veneers.  This involves measuring in microns (the approximate diameter of a hair) to make sure that the fit is precise.

These are just a few of the treatment that we offer to residents in Palm Desert and surrounding communities.  Do you have questions or wish to visit Dr. Conrow in person?  Give us call to set up an appointment or schedule one online.

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