Time For Summer Braces

A beautiful smile gives children and teenagers self-confidence—one “quality” that plays an important role in mental health.  However, starting the school year with an orthodontic procedure like braces can be quite a distraction to the first weeks of school.  Summer may also be a better time to adjust to braces for adults who may be on vacation. If you are considering braces for yourelf or child or teenager, you will love our what Craig W. Conrow DDS MS FACP can do for you.

When are braces necessary?

Crooked teeth or teeth that grow on top of one another are the most common reason leading to an orthodontist visit. In most cases, the smile’s aesthetics is greatly affected. But most importantly, when teeth are not in their proper place, a range of oral health problems can ensue.

The most common of these are:

  • More fillings and gum disease, since the effective cleaning of the teeth is difficult.
  • Fractures in some teeth if these are “bulging”

Is it too late for braces?

It is never too late! An orthodontic problem may be corrected at any age, since there is virtually no time limit. Teeth can be moved as easily both in a child 10 years old and a teenager 16 years.

At what age the problem appears?

Usually the problem appears when the “permanent” teeth of the child settle.

What will the orthodontist do?

In the simplest cases, such as crooked teeth, the orthodontist will apply braces to the teeth and a slot that has a thin wire connecting them. By tightening this wire, the teeth will move until they are in the right position.

How many visits are needed and how often?

The orthodontist will take impressions of teeth to construct plaster casts, which will give a more complete picture of the problem. The next visit will be the placement of orthodontic appliances necessary and then successive visits will occur every 4-5 weeks. The total number of visits will be dependent on the duration of treatment.

For how long will they be worn?

The time required depends on the severity of the orthodontic anomaly and whether the patient follows the dentist’s instructions. Of course, the more complex the problem, the longer the duration of treatment.

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