Dr. Conrow, imagine a dentist referring a dentist to another dentist. Well, that’s exactly how I became a patient of Dr. Craig Conrow. I practiced dentistry for over twenty years before I moved to the desert. When I needed emergency dental service a dentist friend of mine referred me to another dental specialist, Dr. Craig Conrow. That’s a lot of dentists referring to dentist. The care and service I received in Dr. Conrow’s office was extraordinary. We dentists know when we experience quality dentistry, competent and professional care from the dental staff. That’s exactly what I found in Dr. Conrow’s practice. Sometimes I think that only a dentist can fully appreciate the work of another dentist, but my mouth feels and looks great and you don’t have to be a dentist to appreciate that.

C. Bradshaw

Dr. Conrow, it is rare to find a doctor with such care and dedication to his patients. I am both grateful and appreciative. I am always pleased to refer patients to you, as I truly believe that you are the most qualified, conscientious and overall best dentist in Southern California.

P. Watson

My husband, Dick, and I are both patient’s of Dr. Conrow’s & have been for many years. We’ve been very happy with the patient care that we’ve received and the office staff is great. When we’re asked by our friends and clients who we go to for our dental care, we don’t hesitate to provide them with Dr. Conrow’s name and contact information.

Judy Z.

Dr. Conrow,

I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the care and attention that was delivered from The Conrow Team resolving my serious dental issues. The process was major, and at the start, I had a little trouble wrapping my arms around it. You communicated the options well and I appreciated your “perfectionist” style. I am impressed with your professional training, expertise, chair side manner, and your personality is so good that you should bottle and sell it. You made my experience with this dental makeover wonderful! I am happier than you could imagine. Again, thanks again for everything that you have done for me.

John J B.

Dr. Conrow,

My dental health is very, very important to me. I’ve known Dr. Conrow now since 2000 and in all of that time he has committed to me the kind of attention to my dental health that only top professional in his field would. Even with procedures that I was a bit nervous about he told me what he was going to do, then told me again and then performed EXACTLY what he had told me. And the outcome was EXACTLY what he had promised. I am proud to be his patient and look forward to a lifelong happy and healthy “dental” relationship with Craig and his fantastic team!

Vincent J B.
Ceo & President

Dr. Conrow,

We want to thank you for all the exquisite work and caring you have given us. You have helped correct years of problems and given us a higher quality of life. We are ever grateful for your dedication to quality and your devotion to care for your patients. We think you are very special and feel blessed to have you in our lives. You have made our lives better because of your “exceptional” talent and your genuine interest in the well-being of your patient.

Carol & Welton W.

Dr. Conrow,

It is rare to find a doctor with such care and dedication to his patients. I am both grateful and appreciative. I am always pleased to refer patients to you, as I truly believe that you are the most qualified, conscientious, and overall best dentist in Southern California.

Paul W.

Dr. Conrow,

Thanks for all your good care, and the high level of professionalism of your staff. I always know I’m in the best hands!

Bill D.

Dr. Conrow,

Not only are you the best dentist in the area, but you are a wonderful person. We remain some of your biggest fans! May God Bless You,

Doug & Beverly J.

Dr. Conrow,

This is to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. There is no way to know that your previous dentist was not great until you start working with one who is, and that has been the case with me. You’re really terrific and I just wish I’d found you years ago. You made things possible that I was told were impossible… Along with that you consistently demonstrate your concern for your patients’ comfort and spend time necessary to explain options and procedures. You build trust! Also, your hygienist is the best I have ever had.

Judith R.

Dr. Conrow,

We have had such a wonderful relationship with you and your office personnel for many years and we simply wanted to express our continued appreciation of such a professional, caring and friendly staff. We have always felt comfortable and trusting that we have received the best care possible. Your entire office staff is to be commended!

We love having you for our Dental Heath Care Professional. Thank you for your consistent and professional service

Tim & Debi M.