Tooth Replacement Strategies in Palm Desert

Losing a tooth can present a cascading effect on your oral health. The loss of more than one tooth is a sign that immediate dental remedies need to occur. Ignoring tooth replacement leads to tooth migration and jawbone reduction which can change one’s facial appearance. However, what are the options for tooth replacements? Below is a brief about each type. Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP is a licensed prosthodontist that creates healthy tooth replacement strategies for patients of all ages.

Tooth Replacement

In the list below, we cover tooth replacement options ranked from most effective to adequate. Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP can perform all the treatments listed below.

  • Dental Implants. The vast majority of dentists (and many medical professionals) regard dental implants as the gold standard of tooth replacement. They are the most natural looking, most reliable, and most durable option available. Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP features flexible payment options for our implant dentistry services.
  • Fixed Brides (tooth-supported): This treatment sacrifices two healthy teeth to add a bridge of false teeth between them. The healthy teeth are adjusted to handle crowns which support the bridge. One drawback with this procedure is that the bone underneath the bridge is not stimulated and may deteriorate over time. This could significantly change the appearance of your smile.
  • Partial Dentures (removable): As a non-implant solution, partials are relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to construct. Nevertheless, many patients complain about the comfort of partials. Their fit can irritate gums and the supporting teeth, and present stability problems occasionally.
  • Full Dentures: A complete set of dentures are often regarded as the least expensive option to replace teeth. However, some patients feel they are difficult to use. It is best to understand the advantages and disadvantages for your specific denture setup before choosing this option.

Are you interested in replacing any missing teeth that you have? Doing so, will improve your quality of life, protect other teeth from damage, and beautify your smile. We offer affordable cosmetic and family dentistry services in Palm Desert.