Why We Use Panoramic X-rays

At Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP, we are dedicated to giving our patients the best care and best experience possible. That’s why we use the latest and best technology available, including panoramic x-rays.

Panoramic X-Rays

This form of x-ray can be done in one step instead of the several steps required for a traditional series of bitewings. It saves time and discomfort, plus it uses less radiation than conventional x-rays. You simply stand with your head aligned with the x-ray machine and keep still while the machine moves around you. There’s much less fussing with sensors involved, so it’s much more comfortable and less intimidating for patients.

Our panoramic x-ray system can get images of more than just your teeth. It gives us the whole picture of your teeth, upper and lower jaw, jaw joints, sinuses, and other structures in the head and neck.

Why Is This Important?

Your teeth don’t exist in isolation. They’re connected to your jaw bones and the rest of your head. All these other bones and structures can affect your teeth; tooth pain might actually come from a problem in another area. Using panoramic x-rays, we can spot impacted teeth, jaw joint problems (TMJ disorder), even sinusitis that might be causing tooth pain.

These x-rays can also help detect larger problems. Most commonly, these images show periodontal disease, which can then be easily treated. But they can also reveal more serious issues like bone cysts, tumors, and even oral cancer.

Because panoramic x-rays show the underlying bone structure as well as the teeth, they can be especially useful when planning long-term or major care. Before starting treatment including implants, dentures, or braces, these x-rays can help Dr. Westmoreland to make adjustments to customize your care for the best outcome possible.

Craig Conrow DDS MS FACP and the rest of our team would be proud to care for you and your family. To learn more or to make an appointment, please contact us today!

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