Exams & Cleanings

Without question preventative dentistry is the most important form of dentistry. Why? All other disciplines of dentistry involve restoration in one form or another. However, preventative dental techniques help to keep natural teeth in their best condition without invasive procedures. This is why we take diagnostic exams and teeth cleanings very seriously. In fact, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to perform some of the most advance dental exams in the world. We also have staff that have accumulated an enormous amount of training in the most effective cleaning techniques. You’ll be amazed at our standards.

First Rate Dental Exams in Palm Desert

The days of simply taking a visual of a patient’s teeth are long over. Modern dentistry has even advanced past the days of an x-ray. Our office has an array of dental tech that allows us to exam teeth, gums, and jawbones at every direction possible. This enables us to be able to identify all sorts of dental maladies including oral cancer. Additionally, these technological tools enable patients ta relax and enjoy comfortable dental visits.

Deep Dental Cleanings

Our hygienists take pride in going the extra mile ta ensure that every dental cleaning is exceptional. The dental cleanings we perform go beyond the surface and extract impurities resting in hard to reach crevices. The service will also include an examination of any fillings, previous dental work, and gums.

Yet, each cleaning is done in a kind, careful and gentle manner. Our team can effectively remove plaque, tartar, and other buildups that have adhered ta enamel and sub-gum tooth areas. Special attention is always given to the gum because they have a direct effect upon the health of teeth. Also, gums can identify minor problems that can grow into larger ones.

Before we begin the cleaning, we’ll inform you everything that we plan to do and describe why it is necessary. This often helps our patients to identify any gaps in their oral hygiene techniques. Ultimately, we want you to be at ease and confident that your cleaning is thorough.