Professional Whitening

Dollarphotoclub_46467573Dentist-supervised whitening treatments are still the AACD recommended procedure for bleaching discolored teeth. We create custom dental trays and dispense highly effective gels that maybe used at home.

Zoom! is a safe, effective and last whitening procedure than we do in my office. In just over an hour, your teeth can be dramatically brighter.

Zoom 2 Tooth Whitening
The Zoom2 Professional Teeth whitening treatment consists of a gentle hydrogen-peroxide gel activated by a special gas plasma light. The science behind Zoom is the secret to our success.

The Zoom gas plasma light technology, combined with a proprietary new, wavelength-specific gentle bleaching gel, has created a revolutionary method of teeth whitening which quickly, safely and effectively whitens all teeth at once.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Complimentary Whitening Trays with a Zoom2 treatment.

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ZOOM Whitening Testimonials