Are you desiring to correct your smile, but are not interested in traditional metal braces? If so, lnvisalign may be just the corrective dental solution that works for you! Your smile is unique. Consequently, correcting it should encompass a customized strategy that always keeps your oral health in view. Our practice accomplishes this by combining state-of-the-art dental technologies and a wealth of dental experience. Read below to find out details about lnvisalign and how our customized approach can fulfill your needs.

Palm Desert lnvisalign Solutions

lnvisallgn is an obvious play on the combination of the words ‘invisible’ and
‘align’. The idea culminated in a material and treatment that could progressively realign teeth into an optimally aesthetic position. However, the realignment also puts teeth in the best position to be their healthiest.

The lnvisalign procedure uses 3D imaging technology to map out the best way to migrate your teeth into a realigned position. As a series of maps are formed, we design custom aligners that will gradually realign your teeth. In most cases transparent aligners are used for approximately 2 weeks, then substituted for the next set. Each set of aligners are prepared to fulfill a part of the overall realignment in a healthy and comfortable way.

Considering lnvisalign?

Thousands of patients choose lnvisalign over traditional braces every day due to a variety of reasons. The most obvious rationale is to avoid the metal teeth attachments with its many bonds and wires. Still there are additional reasons.

  • Patients that choose lnvisalign have less dietary restrictions than those who choose metal braces. Furthermore, there is no threat of certain types of food getting embedded in metal attachments.
  • The upkeep of lnvisalign trays are significantly easier than braces. They are less problematic and quicker to clean.
  • lnvisalign fits well with nearly any lifestyle, whereas braces sometime require the wearer to chonge their normal habits. This is true of athletes, musicians, actor, models, etc.
  • lnvisalign treatments are less irritating to the mouth than metal braces. Traditional braces often cause significant soreness to the cheeks, inner lips, and gums.

What To Expect

When you arrive at our office. we’ll give you an evaluation to see if you are o good candidate for lnvisolign. Once approved, a custom strategy will be created to correct your smile. We’ve used lnvisalign to successful fix tooth crowding. gaps, cross/over/under bite, and other alignment issues. Call us today for a free consultation!